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Getting the Party Started

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Throughout the ages music has been used in ceremony as a milestone marker-be it celebration or commemoration. You see music is a language in itself. With its ability to evoke emotion in a way that knows no boundaries, using music to set the mood for your big day is a no brainer.

As with your life, the music you choose to include on your wedding day will conjure memories. So how do you frame your day in the most memorable way possible? My go to music expert Chynna Taylor has shared her expertise to help you find the right note for your celebration!

PHOTO CREDIT: Jessica Rose Photography

Chynna, can you tell us a little about playing at a wedding?

What I love most about performing at a wedding is that unlike any other live performance-the gig is not about me. I love that this is about you and your partner. It truly is a privilege to be asked to be part of it and I feel like my performance is my gift to you. There is a specialness to this day, its energy and feel.

I so get that. As a celebrant we definitely take on that energy too.

Exactly, this is an energy built on your love and connection. As you move from ceremony to celebration the mood also grows.

Is this why you would recommend using live music on your wedding day?

Music is more than a universal language; it is a mood setter-it brings its own energy. You should consider the ‘experience’ you want to leave your guests with. Think concert versus Spotify playlist-you really can’t compare! The atmosphere you are looking to set and how a musician can influence the day, that is what will help you with your choice.

Of course each moment of the day, ceremony, canapes, grand party will all have a different influence.

Yes of course. But you know what-musicians are so adaptable! The mood you would like to fit that moment can be brought by the music and how it is played. Picking the right musician will ensure they also understand the feel you want and will read the room accordingly. We all know just by attending a wedding your venue will often influence your music choices.

I’m picking up on “theme” here. Planning a wedding comes with so many decisions so often one might look to appoint a theme to help steer the details. Are you saying it’s the same with you music choices?

Obviously there are limitless choices with what you could do but I do suggest you look at the décor or ceremony surroundings and use this as a guide in your music decisions. You know, sometimes it just isn’t a good fit. The harpist on the balcony of the Melbourne Town Hall doesn’t always translate to a beach side ceremony.

So, does this apply to your wedding songs too-processional or first dance?

Just like an acoustic duo won’t be able to pipe a bride down the aisle the cover band you have booked might not do justice to Pachelbel’s Canon in D. And the principle also applies for the night time entertainment, for instance having an acoustic duo play the Nutbush won’t necessarily leave you with the Tina Turner experience. Some songs just can’t be replicated.

I guess that also rings true for Khe Sanh!

Absolutely. Doing your homework will help you to have an understanding of what your musicians can pull off.

Homework-right. Tell us more. How do I pick a musician?

Ohhhh, what to consider….

Okay, first of all, your budget might be something to define first. Having a realistic expectation of what is available for the funds you have free is important. This will immediately allow you to create a short list of options.

Secondly, think of the types of songs/music you want played on your wedding day? Does your preferred musician accommodate some of these choices? Don’t be shy to ask if they can learn something not already on their playlist but also understand that this might mean one or two songs. Your willingness to adapt to their options might also highlight how well they will gel to your desired vibe.

Thirdly, consider the location and discuss this with your preferred choices. Travelling a certain distance might rule them out or add a little extra to the budget.

And you are really stuck on where to go check out Instagram or start with a wedding entertainment booker or supplier. Not every band/duo/musician will provide the option to preview them live so picking someone with relevant experience or through a trusted referral might just be your best option.

And here we were thinking date, venue and guest list were the tough choices! One last question for you Chynna-what is your favourite wedding song?

For me, it’s always a big power ballad like Shania Twain’s ‘From This Moment On.’ Those lyrics are everything I think of in a marriage as well as what I love to sing. If that’s not for you, I don’t think you can go past a classic like Elvis’ ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ for your defining moment.

There they are, all the feels. That moment I have the bridal party enter I’m drawn into their story and suddenly the emotions are flowing too. That’s something I can never hold back on-and honestly, don’t ever want to!

Thanks for joining me on the #lovesally blog today Chynna. By sharing your industry insights to those following, I know our couples will be bringing the loved-up party vibe to their wedding day.

Be sure to follow @chynna_taylor for more vocal tips and first access to her music drops. And of course this Friday, 18th December 2020, you can catch her performing for The Sebastian Foundation’s annual Carols event. Be sure to register!

A Little More About Chynna

Being brought up in a musically gifted family, song has always been part of her life- in fact Chynna describes music as in her soul. An American born professional singer, she went from performing in her PJs to being signed by Capitol Records, living, writing and performing in Nashville.

PHOTO CREDIT: The Sebastian Foundation

Since her move to Australia, she has competed in 2016’s X-Factor season and recently competed on Season 8 of The Voice Australia. Her blind audition of 'Shallow' went viral with over 15 million views online. She has a love for the stage and brings a wealth of knowledge to the value of your music choice.

And guess what- Chynna also performed on my wedding day, ‘cos you know-family! How lucky am I!

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