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Planning a Wedding in a Pandemic

Planning a wedding is never a simple task but throw in a worldwide pandemic and the celebration you thought you had under control, has taken on an unpredictability even your future self isn’t ready for!

Following the emergence of the COVID-19 virus, the wedding industry has taken its fair share of gut punches but what delights us most is to see the love has never stopped. Yes our couples have postponed and pivoted, taken on new challenges, and changing circumstances but your love has been ever present. In fact, marriage proposals are thriving in the pandemic, and we have a bumper season ahead to prove it.

But if you’re still in the planning stages or even a little anxious about the path ahead here’s what I think you should consider when planning your big day that just might keep the ’C’ word at bay…

Elopement, micro wedding, mini-mony or ceremony- having made the initial decision on how you will celebrate, it is important to remember that the world is ever changing. In Victoria in particular, all wedding formats have and will continue to be impacted by the pandemic until we find ourselves in a position of stabilisation, so it is imperative you and your partner discuss, and are comfortable with, a backup plan. Knowing your way forward when the proverbial hits the fan will save a lot of heartache in the long run. Whether it be to forge ahead under health guidelines or postpone to a later date, you guests and vendors will be keen to hear a decisive decision.

For months you have been in contact with your dream venue and suppliers and when a pivot point presents, the cream will again rise to the top. So get on the front foot early and before you are locked in, review supplier contracts. Knowing their policies on refund, postponements and credits-and the timeframe you must use them, will ensure you make the right decision on if they are best suited for your day. Remember their flexibility is ultimately yours too.

Staying on the front foot also means staying informed. As your big day approaches keeping abreast of the latest guidelines released by the Department of Health in your state and that of your travelling guests, will allow you to set expectations of social behaviours early. It also means if your numbers, movement, or celebration style will be impacted you action that back up plan, and the conversations around them, early in the piece. Just like pre-Covid times, there is no such thing as failing to prepare!

Just as you are managing the preparations-so are your guests. At some stage over the last 18 months we have all lived under some form of COVID based restriction so trust their understanding of the situation. Be upfront with your expectations and the changes you may have to make with little notice. Some of my clients have taken to creating a wedding website wedding website and are running a noticeboard through their domain to help guests navigate the wedding preparations. If there is anything we have learnt during this period, it is to expect the unexpected.

Getting married is quite the adventure but planning an adventure in a world emerging from a pandemic is perhaps an adventure like no other. Embrace it!

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