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Going Micro

If there is one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has advanced, it is the evolution of the ‘micro wedding.’ For the un-officiated, a micro wedding is a wedding celebration on a much smaller-scale. As well as a refined guest list, it may include a minimalistic ceremony and casual, though exclusive reception-if choosing to host a post-nuptial celebration at all.

The beauty of the micro ceremony is that with limiting your numbers, the power to embrace your dream location, be it mountain top wilderness or cliffside amongst the waves, becomes all the more realistic.

Unlike an elopement, going micro means you are still sharing this intimate moment with those most precious to you but perhaps most importantly, the day’s focus remains on you and your partner. A micro wedding will reflect your love whilst channelling the traditions only you choose to include.

Here's what I think may sway you towards going micro;

  1. Decide what details are important to you and make them a focus. Reducing the scale of your wedding means you can pick and choose the traditions that are of most significance to you and leave the rest behind. Remember this is an intimate celebration that should reflect you and your partner and if that means overhauling the dress code, the décor or the location-do it!

  2. Create an impact. Going small may mean you have more time to focus on the details and when done right, they provide maximum impact. Think personalised details that bring a heartfelt connection to your guests or an additional moment between you and your fiancé’.

  3. Connect with your distant guests. Overhauling the guest list won’t come easily and doesn’t necessarily mean you no longer want to share the moment with those who didn’t make the cut. Take the time to consider how you can still connect with those from a distance. Think of asking them to contribute to a journal of love notes or engage a videographer who will live stream the event for you.

  4. Bring it forward. You might be surprised by the flexibility that comes with a micro wedding. A reduced guest list will assist with the logistics involved in the ceremony-particularly if you are open to a celebration earlier in the day. Why not host a high tea or garden party following the ceremony or hit up your local pub or favourite eatery rather than engaging a function centre. Fewer numbers also means bookings with extensive notice may not be required-and then there’s the savings to your hip pocket to consider too.

  5. Upgrade your menu. If you are keen to host guests following the official ceremony why not look at splashing some of the cash you have saved by refining the numbers. Creating a culinary experience or food journey will be a highlight for all those attending-especially if the upgrade includes a cocktail or fine wines.

Love isn't cancelled and with the ball in your court-get creative, just don’t forget the sanitation station!

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