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A Vineyard Wedding

The Mornington Peninsula is the perfect combination of village charm and Chef hatted sophistication. Amongst its coastal dreamscapes you will find rolling hills dancing with vines. You see, we are also famous for our vineyards! Not only is the lifestyle enviable to many but so are our celebrations. Be it boutique or at one of the big guns, winery weddings pair perfectly to your Peninsula celebrant.

Boasting over 60 wineries, the region has a venue to suit every celebration style-and that’s not counting the micro breweries and distilleries that also dot the landscape. Along with passionate winemakers, the dedication to local produce is prominent with a food experience that will have you taste buds keen to continue the journey.

Be it coastal views or the warmth of the hinterlands, here are my tips to consider when selecting planning your vineyard wedding;

  1. Check out the wine first. Crafting a wine list to complement a menu is a skill best left to the experts but on your wedding day you may still have some sway with what is on offer. When selecting your wedding location, make sure you taste the wine-toasting to your future should be done with a vino selective to your palate! Also, explore what wines are on offer at your package price point. There’s no point falling in love with what is on offer at the cellar door if it doesn’t match the budget.

  2. Is exclusive access important to you? Ensure you discuss where your ceremony fits with the operations of the winery. For example, does paying to host a ceremony, and potentially the following celebration on site, give you exclusive access for this period? On occasions, wineries will remain open to the public for cellar door service during your ceremony. Discussing how this could impact your experience is a must do, as is the option of an additional fee to keep the affair private.

  3. Alternate ceremony locations-what are your options? We all want that picturesque photo, that ‘just married’ moment with a glowing couple distantly framed by vibrant green vines and rolling hills, but Mother Nature can be a tricky beast to tame. In the event we do end up looking for an alternative ceremony location, it’s always best to have assessed the substitute early in the selection process. Although it might seem trivial at the time, it’s important you are content with the option.

  4. Is the space reflective of your requirements? Never underestimate the space required to host a ceremony. Along with your guests and bridal party you need to consider what other vendors will need access to the area. Are you planning an epic floral display or walking down the aisle to a string quartet-and where will they fit on the day? Also, what is the proximity of the car park or bathrooms to the ceremony location? Walk it out, chat with your venue hosts or wedding planner to make sure the winery gives you the options you require to see your visions of a dream ceremony come to fruition.

There is no doubt, the Peninsula has a winery suited to your celebration-it's all in the planning!

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